Yes, you can! Flexibility, strength, balance

“I’m inflexible and I have no balance. I couldn’t do yoga.”

Doing yoga will help improve both flexibility and balance.

Many people seem to think it’s only for super-flexible people who can tie themselves in knots and pretzel shapes.

It’s not.

Nor is it only for people who can balance on one finger on a pin head (while tied in knots and pretzel shapes).

And it’s certanly not only for do-gooders and ‘Peace, man’-ers. It’s for everyone, from hardcore fitness fans to hardcore knitters (and ultra-fit knitters).

Yoga is about who you are and who you might be.

It can help you build strength, flexibility, balance, insight, equanimity, confidence.

It can be purely physical, deeply spiritual, psychologically beneficial, holistic, lyrical, life enriching, grounding, inspiring, social, fun, you.

There a many elements to yoga: poses/postures (asana). breathing techniques (pranayama), mantra/chanting, meditation/mindfulness. You can choose to work with some of them or all off them. It’s up to you.


Nickles Altogether Yoga Wood Lotusish

“Will it make me healthier?”

Almost certainly. And don’t be put off if you have medical conditions you feel might prevent you from doing yoga. The chances are we can work with and/or round them: just send me a message if you’re in any doubt. There’s more about health on the Classes page.


‘Nude yoga? Gulp!’ Yes, you can!