Social, holistic, nurturing

Yoga is a practice that unites body, mind, soul and spirit. With most naked yoga sessions, this philosophy applies only as long as the class lasts. At Altogether Yoga we recognise that it can (maybe even should) extend beyond class time, so we encourage our students to be as social as possible and to be part of a community. Most weeks we have a pub night and there are frequent theatre visits and other social events. BWNBR 2022
Brighton World Naked Bike Ride 2022 social alton towers 21
Behold the Cult of Squid. ‘Under The Sea’ theme night. BN naked weekend, Alton Towers Splash Landings 2021 BWNBR yoga social yogis
Brighton World Naked Bike Ride 2021

Nickles Altogether Yoga Social Splash Landings

At the British Naturism naked weekend, Alton Towers Splash Landings, 2017

The holistic, nurturing and social elements of Altogether Yoga are also developed in our regular workshops, holidays and retreats.

Classes that strip away heart, soul and spirit are, in effect, just exercise sessions. They’re not really yoga. This is is not a grind them in and out, commercialised group with empty catchphrases and mission statements. It’s about friendship and connection.