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I’m a British Wheel of Yoga (membership number: BWY-0025142) accredited teacher. I’m fully insured and I have an emergency first aid qualification.

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for more than a decade.

I completed my teacher training with YogaCampus and have studied with teachers who have global reputations, including Rod Stryker and Shiva Rae.

My teaching is firmly grounded in safety, sharing and fun.

Why the daft name; is it sanskrit?
My passport says Nicholas but various different people call me Nicholas, Nick, Nicky, Nico, Nicos and Nickles. The final version is a bit of Druce-ish, a very rare language from a small corner of Cornwall, and stuck to me because of this,

“I’m home, my love, my dear, my sweet!
I’m starving, what’ve you got to eat?
Is there some bread or cheese or pickles?
By the way, have you seen young Nickles?”

which is from a rhyming play version of The Canterbury Tales (The Miller’s Tale) that I helped to direct when I was still young.