ZZZ Online classes: Wednesday 8am and 6.30pm

Naked yoga for men.

When? Wednesday at 8am BST and 6.30pm BST. (Click on the heading or the icon):

Naked yoga for men London. BowMidweek Motivator.

8am BST

A one-hour flowing class designed to get you moving on “hump day” and raise energy levels to carry you through to the weekend.


Naked yoga for men London. Beach PloughFriendly yoga.

6.30pm BST

A 90-minute class to help you celebrate your body and how it moves.


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What you need:

  • Something to drink.
  • A towel (we sometimes use one to help with the postures)

Health: Before your first class, please consider your health. If you have or have recently experienced any of the health conditions listed below, please let me know so I can adapt the practice:

High blood pressure
Low blood pressure/fainting
Heart problems
Detached retina/other eye problems
Recent fractures/sprains
Recent operations
Back problems
Knee problems
Neck problems
Any other conditions that might affect your mobility or are likely to cause you concern when doing yoga.

Social: This is is not a grind them in and out, commercialised yoga group with empty catchphrases,’manifestos’ and mission statements. It’s about friendship and connection. Very often the 6.30pm class is followed by an online social/chinwag.

Queries? Just send me an email to  altogether.yoga@gmail.com

Naked yoga for men.