Skin-On-Skin Yoga

Naked yoga for men: Central/Northern London.

A playful, hearty, partner/pair class to de-stress and free the spirit. In a friendly, chatty, connected atmosphere. S-O-S partner poseWhen? March 9 and April 13.
7.30pm. 90-minute class. Please be prompt, as late-comers disrupt the class for everyone else.

Where? Studio H, Urdang 2, 259 Goswell Road, Islington, London EC1V 7AH, or scroll to the bottom of this page for a location map.
Urdang 2 is on the corner of Goswell Road and Rawstorne Street. The closest Underground station is Angel.

How much? £18.
You need to book (by 5 pm on the day of the class) and pay in advance. Please email me to book:

If you book a space you block someone else from booking. Therefore, if you cancel within 24 hours of the class you forfeit your payment (unless someone can be found to take your place).
If you are suddenly required to self-isolate, your booking will be transferred to a future Friendly/Skin-On-Skin Yoga session.

How many? 16 students max (first come, first served). There’s no need to bring a partner, you’ll be paired with many other yogis during the class.

Suitable for: 18+ men (everyone who identifies as male).
Those with some previous yoga experience or none at all. It’s fine to take rests and options are offered, so you can practice at a level that suits you.

What does the class include? Key yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

What’s partner yoga? It’s the practice of working in pairs or small groups. There’s no need to arrive with a partner… you’ll be paired up with (several) other men during the session.
It’s very valuable to see your own movements reflected in others. It helps build trust and self-confidence. You can learn a huge amount about your own practice by helping a less experience yogi into a pose. It also makes a very direct connection with one of yoga’s guiding principles: connecting with yourself while at the same time connecting with the people and things around you. And it’s fun.
Inevitably, there’s a degree of intimacy in some of the paired poses. As ever, we’ll celebrate sexual energy as an important life force (if you get stiffie there’s no need to hide it) but we’ll be guided by knowing the difference between enjoying a surge of sexual energy and turning that into a sexual act.

What if I get a stiffie? What if you sneeze or hiccup or blink? These are all natural things that our bodies do. Erections are part of being a man. They’re not offensive or shameful and need not be hidden. If it happens, enjoy the energy and carry on with the yoga. The ancient philosophies and spiritualities of the east, which have strong links with yoga, recognise and celebrate our sexual drive as an important life force.

What to bring:

  • A yoga mat.
  • A small bottle of water (you can refill at the venue).
  • A towel (to use during the class. Unfortunately, the venue does not have showers).

You can buy a (washed) second-hand mat and carrier/bag from me for £15. Please email me in advance of the class if you want to buy one.

If you prefer to source a mat yourself be sure to get what’s known as a “sticky” mat as other “exercise” mats do not have the right sort of non-slip texture. They are available pretty widely, on the internet or from stores such as Argos.
Safety first: A yoga mat is designed to help you avoid slipping. A large towel or sarong or something similar increases the chances of you slipping, so won’t do as an alternative.

Health: It’s really important to me that, as far as possible, you stay safe and healthy in my class. If you have or have recently experienced any of the health conditions listed below, please let me know before the class so I can adapt the practice

High blood pressure
Low blood pressure/fainting
Heart problems
Detached retina/other eye problems
Recent fractures/sprains
Recent operations
Back problems
Knee problems
Neck problems
Any other conditions which might affect your mobility or are likely to cause you concern when doing yoga.

If you have any questions:
Send Nickles a message.

Location map: Urdang 2

Naked yoga for men: Central/Northern London.