Aiming to be Altogether better

Why choose Altogether Yoga and not one of the other naked yoga classes in London?


Value for money: Most naked yoga teachers ask for £15 per class (pay at the door). The length of the class varies radically, though, from 60 minutes to 75 minutes to something between and often those times incorporate the times in which students arrive and undress at the start and re-dress at the end, so the duration of the yoga session is somewhat reduced.

With Altogether Yoga, for £15 you get a class lasting a full 90 minutes… and we book our venues for an extra 30 minutes, to give you unhurried time before class to arrive and undress, and after to get dressed.


Frequent and flexible: Most naked yoga teachers offer just one session per week. Altogether Yoga hosts several classes each week, so students can more easily fit their yoga round the demands of their lives.

The content of Altogether Yoga classes also varies, so you can tailor your practice to your experience level, needs and preferences.


Inclusive: All men who are comfortable in their skin are welcome at Altogether Yoga classes. We don’t exclude men because of their

  • age (we can’t teach under-18s for obvious reasons)
  • body shape
  • fitness level
  • sexuality (gay, bi, straight or pan is fine)

In general, we would ask someone not to attend classes only because we believe it would be unsafe or unhealthy for them to participate.

Yes, we do exclude women, but only because we’ve tried running mixed/co-ed classes and too few women have participated to make them viable. More often than not any women that do take part are very much outnumbered by men.


Holistic, nurturing, social: Yoga is a practice that unites body, mind, soul and spirit. With most naked yoga sessions, this philosophy applies only as long as the class lasts. At Altogether Yoga we recognise that it can (maybe even should) extend beyond class time, so we encourage our students to be as social as possible. Most weeks we have a pub night and there are frequent theatre visits and other social events.

Nickles Altogether Yoga Social Splash Landings

At the British Naturism naked weekend, Alton Towers Splash Landings, 2017

The holistic, nurturing and social elements of Altogether Yoga are also developed in our regular workshops, holidays and retreats.


Honest: What you see on these pages is, to the very best of our ability, honest and truthful. We try hard not to create false impressions. If you spot an inaccuracy, please send us an email at to let us know.